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Hierapolis Antik Kenti

The Ancient City of Hierapolis

Distance from hotel: 3 km

Having hosted many magnificent civilizations, the ancient city of Hierapolis, located in the Pamukkale region, was founded by Eumenes II, King of Pergamon. Inside the historical city you can see the main street, monumental gates, the ancient Sacred Pool whose healing waters are still admired by experts, the Temple of Apollo, churches, fountains, the Necropolis (ancient tombs), and the 9,500 capacity Ancient Theater. From the design of the theater it appears to have hosted gladiator fights. Holding a great religious significance, Hierapolis is considered a sacred city by Christians for being the place where Christian Apostle St. Philip was crucified in 80 CE.

Pamukkale Travertenleri

Pamukkale Travertines

Distance from hotel: 3 km

Having gotten more than its share of natural beauties from mother nature, Pamukkale has always been a center of attraction since the ancient times with its unique healing waters and cultural heritage. Pamukkale, where nature meets history, is nested within the Ancient City of Hierapolis. Designated as a ''World Heritage Site'' by UNESCO, the travetine terraces formed by the deposits of underground hot springs are recognized as the 8th wonder of the world. With their bright white color, they can be spotted even from a distance of 50 km. There are 17 hot springs with varying temperatures of 35-100° C in the region. Pamukkale welcomes millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year.



Distance from hotel: 2 km

Located 6 km east of Denizli, Laodicea is one of the largest ancient cities in Anatolia. One of the significant and sacred centers of Christianity, the city is home to one of the oldest seven churches in Anatolia also mentioned in the Bible.

Laodikya Antik Kenti

The Ancient City of Laodicea

Distance from hotel: 15 km

Laodicea, located 6 kilometers east of Denizli, is one of the largest ancient cities in Anatolia. An important and holy city for Christianity, it is mentioned in the Bible, and is home to one of the seven oldest churches in Anatolia.



Distance from hotel: 30 km

Honaz is a town that dates back to ancient times where the world's most delicious cherries are grown. Every year a ''Cherry Festival'' is held here on June 10-11. Honaz is a travel attraction with its hot springs and rich natural beauties.



Distance from hotel: 45 km

Buldan is a town famous for its nostalgic hand-loom woven fabrics and home textile products. The local Buldan cloth is a world-renowned form of handwoven fabric. The ''Weaving Culture and Crafts Festival'' that lasts for three days during the first week of June is well worth visiting. Lake Yayla (Suleymanli) and Kestane Deresi (Chestnut Creek) are among the natural beauties of the town. The ancient Tripolis of Phrygia, at Yenicekent town, is also located inside the borders of the town.

Afrodisias Antik Kenti

The Ancient City of Aphrodisias

Distance from hotel: 105 km

The Ancient City of Aphrodisias is one of the most spectacular ancient cities in Turkey from the Greek and Roman periods. The city whose name was derived from Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, had a long-lasting and rich life spanning from the 2nd century BC to the 6th century CE. Having hosted settlements for such a long time also bears significance since the town witnessed many important developments during the ancient times. Archaeological excavations have unearthed the odeon, stadium, agora, baths, and the Temple of Aphrodite.